Discounts Program

As a part of our Aspiration for Perfection principle and in response to significant increase in the quantity of returning customers, Essay Guide is proud to introduce the automated system of progressive discounts: pay less as the volume of pages ordered from us increases. Below is the automated system of progressive discounts in a nutshell. Please, see detailed information for each group of customers below.

 Customer's Status:  Volume of pages ordered:  Discount:
  Regular   0-10 pages   0%
  Bronze   11-25 pages   2%
  Silver   26-50 pages   5%
  Gold   51-100 pages   7%
  Platinum   101+ pages   10%

** Discounts apply ONLY when order is processed via the interface (log in here).
** Indicate the same e-mail address while placing repetitive orders as otherwise pages will not be summed properly.

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