This step is necessary to ensure the essay contains no misspellings or other minor errors, which might decrease the author's grade.

At this stage, the writer should ensure the correspondence between the instructions for the assignment and its format. It is useful to pay attention at margins, title, paragraph indentions, header and footer and the interval between lines. In addition, the writer should check all citations and referencing and ensure that the works cited page (or reference list) is prepared according to the style required (MLA, APA, Turabian and so forth). If there is a number of subdivisions, it would be more convenient, from the reader's position, to italicize or highlight all titles and subtitles.

When finishing the paper, it is also useful to check the logical sense of the paragraphs and re-structure the essay if necessary. In order to make word flow more "natural", the author can add transition words like "nevertheless", "on the other hand" etc. Editing and proofreading should also be done, as spell-checking programs are not always reliable.

Further information on Essay Writing Basics:

- Topic
- Outline
- Thesis
- Body
- Introduction
- Conclusion
-> Finish

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