Recommendations for a successful and interesting paper

As a rule, writers ignore the opportunities they can use to improve their papers. For instance, it is useful to learn by example and read the sample essays on the same topic or the papers, prepared by classmates. Of course, plagiarism is illegal, but reading another person's paper might breed new thoughts and give the idea of the organization of the paper. It is highly recommended to pay attention at the structural components of another person's essay and view them separately: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Analyzing the organization and finding fallacies in another person's paper, the writer will avoid mistakes and structural problems.

Original and creative thinking is appreciated in papers of any type. This means, it is useful to earn to think differently and see new opportunities and possibilities; the author should feel free to demonstrate disagreement and be ready to develop a strong and original position. For instance, when analyzing earlier studies, the writer should consider whether they are representative and valid. In order to creatively develop a viewpoint, it is necessary to find the aspects of the issue, which appear most interesting to the writer and concentrate on them. Resourcefulness can also be demonstrated through interlacing unusual plots and examples from classical literature with the topic assigned.

Finally, it needs to be noted that the quality of presentation also plays important role in the overall 'success' of the paper. This means, the author should be able to compose a strong thesis and draw several conclusions so that they can be easily presented when discussing the paper with the instructor or the audience. In addition, it is necessary to be consider when presenting secondary information, or secondary sources (if the writer is supposed to analyze archive materials or other primary sources).

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-> Recommendations for a successful and interesting paper

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