There is no universal recipe for the structure of presentation, as it depends upon the purpose of the presentation. As a rule, it is used to demonstrate research results, so the most common formal structure contains abstract and discussion of the data. In details, it has the following structure.

First of all, abstract, consisting of 1 PowerPoint page, should include two or three sentences of problem statement, information about the author's approach to this issue and a brief conclusion of the results.

Secondly, introduction, consisting of 1-1,5 PowerPoint pages, should expand the abstract and include the background of the research question, statement of its relevance and importance, information about the author's motivation for this particular issue. In addition, the author should include the evaluation of their approach as well as the results of the study.

The section entitled "Description" consists of 2-3 pages and analyzes the problem, presenting the results of literature review, necessary for any empirical study. It is important to distinguish the most prominent authors, working in the present sphere and list their ideas and contributions in the point form.

Fourthly, it is necessary to provide a brief description of the research, mentioning the structure of the sample, the principle of sampling, method, ethical aspects (e.g. voluntariness, awareness) as well as the tools, used to gather information (e.g. questionnaire). This section should be covered on 2-3 pages.

Furthermore, the "Results" section comes. It provides the statistical data, gained from the study and formulates preliminary conclusions. The volume of this section directly depends upon the extent of the study and the number of hypotheses.

Sixthly, it is important to include the "Discussion" section. It is normally covered on 2 pages, as it expands the discussion of the knowledge, gained from the study. It is necessary to remember that the present study is merely one point of data, so it is also useful the author's results to those of the previous studies.

Seventhly, the conclusions should be provided. It is also important to point out the correspondence between the hypotheses and the conclusion and answer the question whether all hypotheses have appeared valid.

Finally, the author might wish to include the "Recommendations" or "Suggestions" section, which provides the information about the aspects of the issue the author wishes to see changed and the methods of altering them. The number of recommendations depends on the extent of the study, but it is unreasonable to dedicate more than two pages to this section. The writer might also wish to add acknowledgments, but this section is not mandatory in graduate studies.

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