Essay topic is actually a short combination of words, which should reflect the content of the paper. Thus, it should be brief, but informative and specific. For instance, if the essay topic is "Africa", the author is expected to write about the economy, politics and other major spheres of the continent, but if the topic is specified to "Famine in Africa", the author automatically selects a narrower field of research. Importantly, essay topic should not be too long, so it would be reasonable to shorten where possible.

As a rule, topics are assigned by teachers and instructors, but in certain cases the author is supposed to compose the essay title on their own. If the topic is not assigned, it is necessary first and foremost to consider the purpose of the essay. For instance, motivation and admission essays should have topics, associated with the candidate's choice for the future and contain personal information, whereas research papers are supposed to have formal titles, relevant to the issues explored. It would be useful to generate several ideas concerning essay topic and write them on a sheet of paper, so that the writer can select the most suitable one. Each potential author should be aware of the fact that essay topic is the first phrase or word-combination, to which attention is paid, so this first impression should be positive.

Further information on Essay Writing Basics:

-> Topic
- Outline
- Thesis
- Body
- Introduction
- Conclusion
- Finish

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