Time management and organization of the writing process

Essay writing is not a simple process, so it is more useful to plan it in advance, especially when research is required. Starting early helps avoid unforeseen problems like the absence of necessary literature in the library or the extension of delivery term (if the writer purchases a book). It is also useful to divide the process into several days, as interesting ideas need to "mature", i.e. the writer should have two or three days in their time budget and do daily brainstorming. Ideas steep better into the writer's mind if the writer has time to consider all aspects and reflect upon them.

In addition, there is a set of purely physical conditions, needed for essay writing. First and foremost, all distracting factors should be removed, as the writer needs silence, appropriate lighting and more or less convenient "workplace", which is not cluttered with useless things like coffee cups or discs. Secondly, the writer needs some personal space, a separate room is desirable. Finally, the writer should learn more about themselves and find out which physical state or position improves the process of thinking. Some people generate better ideas when walking, others - when sitting or listening to their favorite music. John Milton, for instance, created his poems after sinking his feet into hot water, so it is up to the writer to decide on the stimulation of the cognitive processes.

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